It isn’t the first time this has happened – leaving a 4 year old – a pen – and a new workbook

It was the Bank Holiday weekend when I decided to have a look at the booklet that goes along with the Paraliminal CD ‘Perfect Health’.

It started off very promisingly.  The cat, for once, decided not to sit on the keyboard – or right in front it – so I made a great start an got stuck into the first paragraph:

“Perfect Health enhances your psychological and emotional states to positively affect your immune system, increase recovery rates from illness/injury, and improve your level of health.”

Wonderful, I thought.  OK, let’s think about this.  Does our mind really influence the health of our body?  Does it affect the immune system?  Well, to ponder this and more thoughts, I decided to go and make a coffee.

So I left the book with my pen near.  Despite modern technology, I love making notes with pens.  There is something creative about making notes with a pen, doodling away.  Anyway, I digress.

Walking out of my creative shed area, upto the house to make a coffee, I was thinking about the nature and power of our mind to influence the health on our body.  The saying ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘you turn in the people you spend a lot of time with’ are old truths.  So can the power of a paraliminal (they are very affective), can influence the body, or the way you think about your body?

By the time I reached the kettle, put some sugar and milk in and then returned back.  I was ready to think some more about this.  By this time, having walked down the path to the creative shed, my right hand dripping in coffee as I had made it too full, I was ready to resume.

At this point, when I sat down, I noticed someone had been in the shed whilst I had gone.

Finding a pen, and needing something to draw on, I found some lines made in the Perfect Health handbook.  With only a 4 year old in the near vicinity, I confronted him, only to be met with a look of pure innocence.

At this point, I withdrew and held my hands up.  It isn’t the first time. A few years ago I had the signature of Brian Johnson from AC/CD on a compliment slip from Radio Metro – and after having left it on a table, my daughter decided to practice her signature all over it!

You see, if you leave things out with little ones around – don’t expect them to give it the same value as you place on it, for them it is something to be creative on. Love the creativity, protect the valuable.


Well, I am left with a Perfect Health CD which I cannot sell as new.

There have been over 1,000,000 sales of Paraliminal titles in the world.

You may have not heard of Paraliminal CD’s, or the Perfect Health before.

So I am going to give it away.  I have other items in the LifeTools give-away.
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