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  1. A starter guide.  This tells you what each part of the kit is for, how to use it and what to expect from your samples.
  2. A stop smoking report. Tells you on practical steps you can take to make each day easier as you prepare and then stop.
  3. Your “whole brain training” video. This tells you what the recording will be doing TO YOU and how it will be working, WITH YOUR DESIRE, to help you QUIT.
  4. Your “whole brain sample” track. This is a sample of the recording.  You can relax with headphones and enjoy 5 minutes of the 20 minute course.  It is like a free mind sauna and you will LOVE the experience!

Before you download your kit, there is a second option for you, instead of trying the sample:

You can start on the full course today!

You get and can start the full course today!

A.  You get the full stop smoking report

B.  You get a £60 coaching session for only £20

I said earlier you are going to take many steps, well, this isn’t a step, it is a giant leap!

You are going to invest in yourself and start your journey today!

C.  Your audio “whole brain therapy” course is a both powerful and relaxing; a highly effective means of retraining the brain.  As you saw in the “whole brain therapy” video (where powerful messages, and stories, will work on your whole brain, as you are deeply relaxed.)

It is not subliminal, it is not hypnotism, but it is the combined efforts of holosync, NLP and deep relaxation techniques that bring about your deep state of change.

This 20 minute a day course over the period of a week or two costs only £20

D.  Your full stop smoking report and guide.  We are giving this for Free.  It is full of the best current practices and tips in helping you start your “kick it” plan of giving up today!

One of the biggest obstacles to completing anything is the lack of accountability.  Most people who buy a self help product don’t actually get around to completing it – some don’t even start it!  The feeling of the purchase alone seems to be enough for some.  However by including our basic coaching (reduced by £40), you get a 3 part (start, middle & end review) coaching support via email.  This is designed to help keep you on track so you can achieve the 1 thing you want – SUCCESS

We are giving you £40 discount, so your £80 course costs only £40 and…can be yours today.

Start planning for your smoke free life by buying your Stop Smoking course today!  

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