Original collection of 22 Paraliminal Titles – Discounted for this Unique collection – Ultimate You Library

Improve ANY aspect of your life in 20 minutes a day – even while you’re sleeping!
Weight – Procrastination – Self-sabotage – Memory – New Skills – Schoolwork – Problems Anxiety – Cigarettes – Negative beliefs – Recalling Dreams – Stress – Love – Health Relationships – Self-Esteem – Energy – Sex – Aging – Prosperity – Career Breakthrough – Exercise – Debt – The Past – Goals – Time – Fear of successMoney – Bad Habits – Creativity – Longing for something – Negative Self-talk

The Ultimate You Library is your personal DIY ‘fix your mind’ collection, for any event, any need at any time.  And your friends will be amazed and want to have a go as well!

It’s so simple… 1) Pick the result you want, 2) Pick a CD from a list of 22 titles, and 3) Listen through headphones or a pillow speaker……then lie back to let the changes happen!

To see what a paraliminal is all about in this Ultimate You Library collection, click here to read out blog post