Original collection of 22 Paraliminal Titles – Discounted for this Unique collection – Ultimate You Library

Improve ANY aspect of your life in 20 minutes a day – even while you’re sleeping!
Weight – Procrastination – Self-sabotage – Memory – New Skills – Schoolwork – Problems Anxiety – Cigarettes – Negative beliefs – Recalling Dreams – Stress – Love – Health Relationships – Self-Esteem – Energy – Sex – Aging – Prosperity – Career Breakthrough – Exercise – Debt – The Past – Goals – Time – Fear of successMoney – Bad Habits – Creativity – Longing for something – Negative Self-talk

The Ultimate You Library is your personal DIY ‘fix your mind’ collection, for any event, any need at any time. ¬†And your friends will be amazed and want to have a go as well!

It’s so simple… 1) Pick the result you want, 2) Pick a CD from a list of 22 titles, and 3) Listen through headphones or a pillow speaker……then lie back to let the changes happen!

To see what a paraliminal is all about in this Ultimate You Library collection, click here to read out blog post