The Magic of Microcurrent is a fascinating interview with Dr Daniel Kirsch, the inventor of the Alpha Stim range of products.
Listening to this 1 hour interview you will hear how Daniel started off at University and how his research and studies moved on, hear his story about his visit to the Middle East during the Gulf War and using the machine, hearing how it has helped children move away from medication, how Dentists use them in their practice, different aspects of Animal research and the tests done at Harvard University!
After listening to this it will give you great insight into how you can apply the Alpha Stim range of products in your life, your work practice or amongst your friends in need.
If you listen to this and decide that you want to purchase an Alpha Stim afterwards, then if you contact us we will arrange for a special bonus equal to this price so it would have cost you nothing in real terms!
This may raise some questions, if it does, please feel free to email us with any questions that you may have.