** DISCONTINUED – for current light and sound machines look at HERE

Our customer support is second to none AND our experience with this product means we will be able to offer you superb follow up support with tips and techniques at how you can gain more from your Proteus
The remarkable, brand new MindLab Proteus is the replacement for the best-selling MindLab Orion. It looks similar to the Orion but has a grey case with purple button board and yellow buttons. The MindLab Proteus is also the big brother to the Little Calm Machine with many exciting additional features: 50 built-in sessions for even greater flexibilty; external programming with unique AudioStrobe circuitry AND with PC software; super-bright red/green liteframes; luscious sound (which you can edit on your PC using a waveform table!); and much more!
This will only connect to a PC via a Serial Port. If your computer does not have a Serial Port (9 pins, D shape), then you will need to obtain a Serial to USB converter (we do not guarantee this works in all circumstances), or use a friends computer if they have a serial port, forgo linking it to a computer or look at the Procyon instead.