This package has been designed for those who want to help with Lucid Dreaming or anything related to the experience of the dream world.
1. MindLab Proteus. The wonderful light and sound machine helps to get you in a trance hypnotic state, sleep state or any other mental meditative, altertness or learning stance.
2. Dream Play Paraliminal CD. This CD helps to train and prepare the brain to be receptive to both dream, dream states and recalling dreams afterwards. It can be used stand alone or with the MindLab to help reinforce the optimum learning state.
3. Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming. This book, written by Stephen LaBerge (one of the leading experts in the world on Lucid Dreaming) gives you techniques, insights and is also a workbook.
When you combine the exercises and workbook structure, with the Paraliminal CD reprogramming your thoughts process and then the machine helping you get into deeply relaxed hypnotic states from which you can start your whole journey.
You get all 3 items and free UK postage. If you are from overseas, contact LifeTools first for postage costs.