Generate Genius Ideas Training


This free training course can be booked and reserved below.  There is a unique ‘commitment level’ applied to this course!  Have a look at the video to understand it.

Order it now and then we will inform you when the next class runs.  This training is done over the period of 5 days, around 15-30 minutes per day and will involve a ‘hands on’ approach with lessons you can catch up with after!  You also get the chance to ask questions in our LifeTools Training group if you have any queries.

The information on the training content is below – have a look and make notes as appropriate ready for the next class.

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Generate Genius Ideas


Problem solve, apply critical thinking and get creative output.


    • Learn how to focus with intensity.
    • Release subconscious ideas and generate what has been buried deep within you.
    • Learn how to apply critical thinking and fixed questions – go through the ‘Kipling’ exercise.
    • Discover the 2 questions Sherlock Holmes applies that opens up answers to your problems!
    • Find out how limiting beliefs stifle creative output and how to overcome them.
    • You will pick ONE problem at the start and apply different elements each day to get a solution for you!.
    • Free training – get your ‘commitment level’ and reserve your seat on the next course run..
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