Dream Partner by Marcey Hamm is all about Life. It helps you with your relationships with yourself, others, animals, plants, the wind, rain and everything that is a part of Life. Love is the message with Dream Partner.
The first step is to learn how to love who you are and then the next step is to learn how to give of that love. Life is a great joy to have a relationship with and Dream Partner assists you in living it to the fullest. There is a lot of romance in Dream Partner because learning all the aspects of love is romantic. Love is a very profound emotion and it is the strongest energy of all creation. So you can see how important it is to learn all about love. It is the true source of all happiness. There have been many marriages healed from this composition, as well as friendships. A woman listened to Dream Partner while sleeping. When she awoke, her relationship fears were gone. Since then her life has improved. She is more at peace with herself and others. She credits Dream Partner with enhancing the quality of her life.