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This free training course can be booked and reserved below.  There is a unique ‘commitment level’ applied to this course!  Have a look at the video to understand it.

Order it now and then we will inform you when the next class runs.  This training is done over the period of 5 days, around 15-30 minutes per day and will involve a ‘hands on’ approach with lessons you can catch up with after!  You also get the chance to ask questions in our LifeTools Training group if you have any queries.

The information on the training content is below – have a look and make notes as appropriate ready for the next class.

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Discover The Secret To Rapid Learning


Learn how to read a book in 5 minutes – 25,000 words a minute and blast through your reading subjects.


    • Learn about how 5 key stages in reading can make a difference to how you remember your subject.
    • Go through the ‘3D’ eye strainer exercise and get a perspective like you may not have had before.
    • See it being used live on a TV show with staggeringly accurate results.
    • Find out how another top UK entertainer had 25,000 as a minimum and explains it all to help give you perspective!
    • Discover ‘Syntopic’ reading, learn about it and find out how useful this can be to helping you master new subjects – rapidly.
    • Get an understanding how this can help your reading pleasure, way you approach learning, understanding of how the mind processes information and leave you feeling a much wiser with a ‘can do approach’ to future learning!
    • Why are those who read regularly paid more and have a higher IQ?  Well, find out…
    • Free training – get your ‘commitment level’ and reserve your seat on the next course run.
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