Develop Your Perfect Relationship Training


This free training course can be booked and reserved below.  There is a unique ‘commitment level’ applied to this course!  Have a look at the video to understand it.

Order it now and then we will inform you when the next class runs.  This training is done over the period of 5 days, around 15-30 minutes per day and will involve a ‘hands on’ approach with lessons you can catch up with after!  You also get the chance to ask questions in our LifeTools Training group if you have any queries.

The information on the training content is below – have a look and make notes as appropriate ready for the next class.

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Develop Your Perfect Relationship


Attract love, fix a broken relationship or develop one to a deeper level.


    • Learn about ONE key to every relationship that you have – common to them all.
    • Discover how limiting beliefs and mindsets can be holding you back – without you even being aware.
    • Go through the exercise that looks at ‘resistance’ and try it on a partner or friend – see what it teaches you.
    • Discover acceptance and confidence in yourself, especially if you are ‘looking’ for a certain someone!
    • With a broken relationship or one that needs ‘work’ – go over some basic exercises that deepen bonds.
    • Set goals, look at boundaries and look at what you want, what you can give and where you want it to go.
    • Free training – order one now, pay your booking fee, and reserve your seat on the next course run.
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