How To Blast Through Reading Materials At Rapid Speed

Is it really possible to read a book in 5 minutes?

Is it really possible to read at over 25,000 words a minute?

Can I learn new subjects in hours and not weeks?

Can I catch up with all of the books I have ever wanted to read?

The answer is YES!

It’s a superb technique that was developed over 30 years ago and has been taught to students all over the world.  Even multinational Blue Chip company executives have been through the training to help them with ‘information overload’ and ‘grasping new subjects in rapid time’.

Housewives, students, teachers, reading fans, business owners, musicians, entertainers and more have used this technique to help them learn more, learn faster and learn with more comprehension!

Now is the time for you to learn!

We are running a single training event lasting 30 minutes that takes you through the whole process, step by step.

You get to see it being used by a UK celebrity on TV to amazing effects

You get to learn how it can help you with your reading backlog

You get to learn the processes involved, we go through each one for maximum impact

You get to learn ONE major insight into how the technique of SYNOPTIC reading can help you master new subjects with lightening speed.

ALL in 30 minutes.

Here is the real beauty of this training, we help in 3 key areas:

1.  If you cannot make the short webinar, you can watch it again on catch up!
2.  At the end you can access the a PDF guide, with all of the steps written down again, with pointers, so you can have them to hand afterwards.
3.  You can access support through our Facebook group if you have any questions.

We do not spend 30% of our webinar time self promoting our business or the usual “this is all about us first” that you tend to get.   We go straight in with a brief introduction and then we tell you have the technique, how it works, examples of it working and then teaching you the steps.

You can also get this training, at our “LifeTools Training Academy”, as a step by step course; if you prefer to do it one step at a time. Details are at the end of this training webinar.

Now here is what you need to do next:

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  3. Join the webinar and Learn Something New, Fascinating and Empowering!