Astonishing NovaDreamer story

Fly through the pages of a book using ‘lucid’ dreaming

Many thousands of people around the UK are using the PhotoReading whole mind system to read at speeds of up to 25,000 words per minute. But did you know that you can use your dreams to help you make learning breakthroughs? To those who master the ability to awaken within their own dreams and play a “conscious” role in that alternative reality, many adventures and learning opportunities are available.

Lucid dreaming is not easy. It takes a lot of practice. But some significant technological steps are being taken and Chris Payne, MD of LifeTools, decided to make the NovaDreamer available to the LifeTools community.

Chris, how did you come across the NovaDreamer?

Chris: What happened was that we’d started selling the original MindLab, and as I’m always looking out for new tools, I saw an ad for this lucid dreaming device and tried it out for myself. I’d tried to lucid dream for a year using a book called Lucid Dreaming in 30 Days by Harary, and got nowhere. But eight nights after I started using the NovaDreamer I had my first lucid dream — it was incredible!

What is a lucid dream?

Lucid dreams are dreams that are as real as this reality. they are just as solid as normal life. the room around you is as real as the room you’re in now, and if you knock on a door, the sound you hear is as real as the sound you would hear if you knocked on your own front door. The NovaDreamer lets you know you are dreaming, and signals you to become lucid.

Isn’t it pretty uncomfortable going to sleep attached to a machine?

Well, the NovaDreamer is soft sleep mask with a small printed circuit board nestled in foam in the forehead area. It’s completely self contained — there are no wires attached to anything.

You can sleep with it on even face down or lying on your side. What happens is that when you go to sleep and start to dream, the device shines an infra-red beam onto your eyelids and this beam bounces back onto a sensor.
When you start to dream you go into rapid eye movement, or REM sleep. the device realises that you are dreaming, waits a couple of minutes and then flashes a light and/or sounds a buzzer. Inside the dream you’ll hear the buzzing, hear the flash of a light in the dream, and if you have prepared yourself enough, you’ll say: “Hang on a minute, a flash of a light and a buzz: maybe this is a dream now”.

The moment you question the reality, you wake up inside the dream and experience it as a real world. It is incredibly exhilarating. What most people do is fly through the air. the other thing you can do is to bring to mind the book you have PhotoRead and fly into the pages and experience what the book is about. Alternatively, because you are in control of the dream, you can tell yourself that the author is round the next corner and he is — then ask him questions about the book.

It is easy to have a lucid dream?

Chris: No, some people can take two to four to six weeks to experience their first lucid dream with the mask – but a few people have had success on their very first night of using the device. Most of the other devices we sell require no effort at all, but with the NovaDreamer you have to put effort in. But the results of your effort can be truly remarkable.

Tell me more about that first lucid dream.

On that eighth night, I woke up in the night and looked at the clock. It said 4.15am. then I turned away and looked again at the clock as electronic devices don’t function properly in dreams.

The time was still 4.15, so I knew I was awake.

Some time later I woke again. I lifted up the mask, raised myself up off the bed and checked the time: 5.15. I looked away and looked back. I couldn’t make out the time clearly — I thought I had sleep in my eyes.
Rather than give up I persisted and tried again to read the time. the next instant my body began to float into the air. I could feel every hair on my skin move gently as if in a faint breeze — and I was aware of the whole of the room below and in front of me. It was the most exhilarating experience of my life.

I’ve had numerous experiences of a similar nature since then. For example, I’ve been in forests where the colour green had an entirely different quality. A deeper, richer feeling. I imagine that people who have experiences on hallucinatory drugs tell similar stories.

So how can you use lucid dreaming for learning?

First you need an intention to think about as you go off to sleep, such as “I want a major insight into this complex book I have been reading or PhotoReading”. You switch on the NovaDreamer and go to sleep. When you become lucid you can find the book and fly into its pages and see where it takes you, or you can tell yourself that you will walk round the next corner and bump into the author. You’ll then meet him or her and you can ask questions or you can melt into that person, wear his shoes as it were, and see the world through his eyes.
What’s happening is that you are connecting to your subconscious mind which has stored all the information from the book, and you are accessing that information. (By way of a sidetrack, customers have also communicated with dead relatives using the NovaDreamer: your subconscious mind stores masses of information from your interactions with that person so it can reply in an authentic way, and you can get resolution of unfinished/unresolved issues and have major personal breakthroughs.)
Anyway, I can guarantee you’ll get a major insight from this exercise. When you wake up in the morning, write down what you remember from the dream (and your dream recall is much better when you start using the NovaDreamer), and go back to the book. I’m sure you’ll find it a lot more accessible than you did the day before.

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