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NovaDreamer and personal development

As well as being a thrilling experience, lucid dreams can also be a powerful tool for personal change. You can realise new ideas, solve problems, practise and improve skills, and face and overcome fears which may be hampering you from reaching your full potential.

Overcome anxieties and move towards harmony

This dream is one that was had by the inventor of the NovaDreamer, Stephen LaBerge:

“I dreamed that I was in the middle of a classroom riot; a furious mob was raging about, throwing chairs and trading punches. A huge, repulsive barbarian with a pockmarked face, the Goliath among them, had me hopelessly locked in an iron grip from which I was desperately trying to free myself.

“At this point I recognised I was dreaming, and remembering what I had learned from handling similar situations previously, I immediately stopped struggling. As soon as I realised the struggle was a dream, I knew that as a matter of principle, the conflict was with myself. It was clear that this repulsive barbarian was a dream personification of something I wanted to deny and set myself apart from. Perhaps it was merely a representation of someone, or some quality in another, that I disliked.

“I knew only love could truly resolve my inner conflict, and I tried to feel loving as I stood face to face with my ogre. At first I failed utterly, feeling only revulsion or disgust for the ogre. But I tried to ignore the image and seek love within my heart. Finding it, I looked my ogre in the eyes, trusting my intuition to supply the right things to say. Beautiful words of acceptance flowed out of me, and as they did, he melted into me. As for the riot, it had vanished without a trace. the dream was over, and I awoke feeling wonderfully calm.”

Imagine how your self-confidence would increase if you had a dream like this. That’s one of the reasons why the NovaDreamer is one of our best selling items.

Rid yourself of nightmares!

This is a fascinating letter sent to Stephen LaBerge, designer of the NovaDreamer:

“About 26 years ago I realised that the monster in my nightmares couldn’t really hurt me. I told it I wasn’t afraid any more and it changed into a toothless, whimpering witch and went away. Yesterday I read your article on lucid dreaming, and last night the monster returned.

“This time, knowing I was dreaming, I enjoyed the intricacy of detail, changing from one revolting, menacing shape to another, second by second. I remember the black kitten you had described from one of your dreams and I told it to smile. I was stunned as I watched the bulging eyes recede, the snarling mouth try to relax into a smile. It didn’t know how. the shark teeth changed into horse teeth and it beamed. It was the silliest damn thing I ever saw, and I woke up laughing my head off. I feel like a 67-year-old kid with a new toy.”

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