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Take charge of your dreams – and experience them as real as you are right now!

The NovaDreamer is a fabulous new device which will signal you while you are dreaming, and enable you to experience the dream as real as you are now. You will be able to fly, indulge in any fantasy, overcome any fears you have, and more. A ‘lucid’ dream can feel so real that people have even improved their sports performance too. And many writers, artists and scientists throughout history have used dreams to generate new ideas.
Many people who contact us say they have had a lucid dream once or twice in their life, and they say it was the single most exciting thing that had ever happened to them in their lives. Others have read about lucid dreaming and want to have them regularly. the NovaDreamer makes it much easier for you to become lucid in your dreams, and explore a fascinating new reality.

Compact and comfortable

The NovaDreamer consists of a soft sleep mask with a tiny printed circuit board nestled in foam so you can sleep in complete comfort. the mask is completely self-contained and powered by two tiny batteries which are provided. there are no trailing wires. As you get into bed you put the soft, blue mask over your eyes and fix it comfortably round your head using the velcro fastener. You then switch the unit on and drop off to sleep. When you first start to dream one and a half hours later, the device waits two minutes for the dream to get fully under way then signals you in your dream to tell you that you are dreaming – but without waking you up!

Read these thrilling accounts!

“I am at dinner at my parents’ house. the lights flash and my first impulse is to be annoyed at my mother for flashing the room lights, but I quickly realise it’s the lucid dream machine.”

“I `awaken’ and press the mask button. I am about to accept it because I hear the beep, but there is no flash so I try it again. Still no light, so I get up and take off the mask to see that I am in a different bedroom and can see `my’ body asleep on the bed.”

“I am adjusting the settings of the device. It occurs to me to press the reality tester. I do. It doesn’t work. I try it again, and again it doesn’t work. An electric jolt of excitement races through my body as I realise I am dreaming!”

“I sit up in bed. Gold-painted styrofoam bits rain down from the ceiling onto the nightstand. That’s odd, I note to myself. I realise I’m holding the mask in my hands, so I press the Reality Tester button. Nothing happens. I yell joyously to my dream version of my mum, `It’s a lucid dream!'”

How the NovaDreamer works

The special mask has a sensor to detect your eye movements. When your eyes are moving rapidly from side to side, the device determines that you are in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, flashes red lights in your eyes for two seconds – and beeps too if you’ve selected this option. the unit will flash and beep again every five minutes while you are in REM sleep.

While you are dreaming your mind will integrate the flashing lights into the dream. So you may see twinkling jewels, a firework display, a flashing clock radio display and so on. By learning to spot changes in light during your waking hours, and then doing a few simple checks to see if you are really awake, you will soon learn to recognise the “taps on the shoulder” from the device and become lucid.

Dreaming occurs only while you are in REM sleep and there are generally five periods of REM sleep during an eight-hour sleeping period – that means five opportunities for becoming lucid.

The NovaDreamer also includes a `reality button’ located between and above your eyes. If you wake up in the night you can press this to check that you are really awake. If you press this and the lights don’t flash then you are probably dreaming (and these ‘false awakenings’ are very common).

The unit is beautifully designed and a delight to use. All the micro-electronics fit on a tiny board cushioned into what looks like an ordinary soft sleep mask. Using a 10-position dial and button, you can easily change any of the parameters: adjust the brightness; set the sensitivity of the sensor; change the light patterns; add a beep from the built-in piezo speaker (so you hear a sound as well as see lights when you are in REM sleep); set a Dream Alarm to wake you five minutes after each dream so you can make brief notes and then write them up fully in the morning; find out in the morning how many times the device prompted you to go lucid during the night and so on.

What the press have said

“With the NovaDreamer you can experience lucid dreaming on a regular basis. the power of the mind has long been a source of intrigue and subject for investigation, and now the ability to harness and unlock that power is available to us all.” –

Fit Body magazine

The mask will detect rapid eye movement, a sure sign of dreaming, and alert you… Once tipped off, the dreamer can begin to direct the dream with full awareness.”

Omni magazine

The NovaDreamer has been demonstrated and discussed on Dr Anthony Clare’s Radio 4 series All in the Mind, and on TV too!

What you get

NovaDreamer electronics in soft sleep mask

Crystal clear 20-page Instruction manual

Thorough 90-page Course in Lucid Dreaming

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming book

Questionnaire and charts to complete

Trance Induction CD, worth £15.95

…all for just £499 (UK and Europe).


The course and product has been relaunched.  It now uses a Mindlab Kasina – Dream Maker, it has revised course material, updated and available with new additional course material added.   To find out more, click HERE

Our guarantee

Try the NovaDreamer for 60 days. If you decide it’s not for you then you can return it and you will receive a prompt refund minus a £50 ($25 US/Canada) restocking fee as we need to replace the batteries, mask, foam and charts. (If you return the NovaDreamer promptly without using it you are entitled to a full refund.)

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