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Lucid dreaming could transform your life!

Lucid dreaming – being fully ‘awake’ and aware in your dreams – is a breathtaking adventure. It can feel more real than reality! You can now find out how it feels to fly, to scale the highest mountains, to visit exotic places – or other worlds. You can fulfil your wildest fantasies and experience peak sexual experiences in complete safety!

It’s thrilling!

“the first night, after several non-lucid dreams, I suddenly remembered to ask myself if I was dreaming. Everything in the dream became extremely vivid. the visual aspects were like someone turned up the contrast and the colour. I saw everything in great detail. All my dream senses were amplified. I was suddenly intensely aware of temperature, air movement, smells and sounds. I had a strong sense of being in control.

Even though I had not planned to fly, something in the dream made me think about flying, and I simply leaped into the air (Superman style) and flew. the sensation was the most exhilarating and realistic dream experience I have ever had. I used to have flying dreams when I was younger, but they were more of the floating variety, and never higher than tree-top level.

I have never had the degree of control that I experienced in my lucid dream. I flew down a canyon of tall buildings, gradually gaining altitude. the buildings gave way to a park, where I embarked upon some aerial acrobatics.

It was my last dream of the night, and the feeling of exhilaration lasted all day. I told everyone who would listen about the experiment and the success I had.”

the NovaDreamer: the result of nine years of research

In the late 80s Stephen LaBerge commissioned a brilliant engineer to develop a lucid dream induction device. the engineer built a prototype based around a Commodore SX64 portable computer. It worked brilliantly, and engineers built a self-contained unit which they called the DreamLight. It consisted of a control unit the size of a hardback book connected by a ribbon cable to a night mask.

In one study, 44 subjects were brought into a lab, most of them just for one night. Yet 55% of them had at least one lucid dream that night. For some of them this was their first lucid dream ever.

the DreamLight was further refined as it was distributed around members of the Lucidity Institute in California. It then went on sale a couple of years ago for $1200.

Due to increasing demand, Stephen LaBerge and his team decided to develop a new device which would have all the major features of the $1200 DreamLight but without any wires and the result is the incredible NovaDreamer (pictured below).

About Stephen LaBerge

Born in 1947, Stephen has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. At Stanford University he laid the groundwork for his pioneering breakthroughs in lucid dreaming research, obtaining his PhD in psycho-physiology in 1980. Since then he has been continuing work at Stanford, studying lucid dreaming and psycho-physiological correlates of states of consciousness.

In 1988, acting on the conviction that lucid dreaming offers many benefits to humanity, Dr LaBerge founded the Lucidity Institute. He has written two books: Lucid Dreaming and Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, and co-edited Conscious Mind, Sleeping Brain. He is also the brains behind the innovative DreamLight and NovaDreamer lucid dream machines.


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