Turn your wishes into reality with the remarkable MotivAider device!

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MotivAider Out of all the devices, CDs and books I own, the one I use the most is the MotivAider. I bought it about three years ago, and I’ve worn it all day every day, even at weekends, for weeks at a time to change a behavioural pattern.

The MotivAider clips to my belt and I set it to vibrate every 12 minutes. Its gentle reminders compel me to take action there and then – to think a positive thought, relax my shoulders, breathe deeply, and so on. It works like a dream!

Two influential people rave!
Two influential people adore this device: Michael Hutchison and Paul Scheele.

The MotivAider is referred to on eight pages of Michael’s book, Megabrain Power. He writes:

“The MotivAider is, in fact, one of the most powerful tools for boosting brain power and performance that I’ve encountered… it’s extremely valuable.

[For ‘anchoring’ a new behaviour,] in terms of convenience and effectiveness, the MotivAider is the best thing I’ve found for the purpose.”

When I went to see Michael at his house in Santa Fe – years after he wrote the words above – he was still raving about the MotivAider. Michael was even showing it off when I saw him again at an EEG brainwave biofeedback conference in Florida several months later.

In April I was enthusing about the MotivAider to Pete Bissonette, who’s president of Learning Strategies which publishes the PhotoReading Whole Mind System and the Paraliminal CDs. He’d never used a MotivAider, so I faxed him all the information I had – sheet after sheet of applications for the device, plus quotes from satisfied customers. He immediately ordered a few samples to try out.

Days later Pete rang me back to say that he was so astonished with the device that he was going to write to all the owners of Paraliminal CDs the very next week and offer it to them. “I’m so excited about this product that I don’t know where to begin. Paul Scheele and I have been using our MotivAiders every single day since we got them, and we absolutely believe that every one of our customers should have one. In fact, we are so impressed with the device that we gave one to every participant in this year’s Natural Brilliance five-day, 24-hour-a-day retreat. All 37 participants loved the MotivAider, and those who hadn’t heard Paul say it was a gift came up to us at the end and wanted to buy one!”

What is the purpose of the MotivAider?
Have you ever had the intention to do something – such as be calm, sit up straight, keep your fingers out of your mouth, smile – and yet you’ve not followed through? Then probably you mentally beat yourself up for not doing what you said you’d do.

A clinical psychologist called Dr Steve Levinson noticed that no matter how motivated people are to follow a self-care procedure, they rarely follow through. He discovered that the mind is missing something that’s essential in the modern world – a mechanism to keep your attention sharply focused on your good intentions.

Without a way to stay actively tuned in to your self-improvement goals, all the knowledge and motivation in the world won’t be enough to enable you to transform those goals into action. So he invented the MotivAider.

What the MotivAider does is simple: it supplies your mind with a catalyst that enables it to keep you on track. With a “MotivAided” mind you can place any personal objective on the front burner and be confident that it will stay put until you reach your goal.

How does the MotivAider work?
The MotivAider is a very simple electronic device. It uses a resetting timer and a silent vibration to send you a brief, private signal at regular intervals. You can use the MotivAider to call your attention to virtually any personal objective because you can assign any meaning you want to the stimulus. The MotivAider sends a steady stream of personal reminders through your mind to keep your attention rivetted on whatever personal objective you choose.

Here’s how I recently used the MotivAider to feel calm at work and home
In February this year I noticed that I was getting more agitated than usual. LifeTools has been growing consistently since I started it three years ago. The phone rings constantly at work, and some customers and American suppliers have my home phone number too – so there’s sometimes no peace. While I love what I do, it was all getting on top of me.

One morning I decided to do something about my agitation. I lay in a hot bath with most of my head under water – just my nose and mouth sticking out! I got really relaxed by tightening and loosening muscles and taking some deep, slow breaths. Then I reached out to my MotivAider which was lying on the rim of the bath. I switched it on with a dry hand, setting it to go off every minute. Then every time the device vibrated I said “Be calm” to myself, ‘anchoring’ the vibration to the relaxed state I was in – and each time it went off I just felt more and more relaxed.

After about four sets of vibrations I switched the unit off and finished my bath. When I got dressed I set the MotivAider to go off every 15 minutes. Throughout the day, when I noticed the vibrations, I automatically said “Be calm” to myself. Immediately my shoulders dropped, my muscles loosened, my head cleared and my breathing changed. I was reliving almost exactly the sense of deep relaxation I felt in the bath, hours before.

Pretty much every day for the next two weeks I wore the MotivAider from 8.30am til 11pm as it is so unobtrusive. I also wrote in a journal how I manifested calmness that day. As the days went by, I could tell from what I was writing that my agitation was reducing. And the regular vibrations I got in the evenings helped remind me to use my MindLab more often.

Then two weeks later I suddenly felt a profound sense of calmness and inner peace that was deeper than anything I think I’ve felt before – and this lasted for two days. It was magical. Would you like to feel this calm too?!

Keep fit, confident and alert
Do you want to stay healthy? The MotivAider can help you improve your exercise habits, lose weight, quit smoking, reduce stress or build confidence. It boosts your willpower by keeping your most motivational reasons to change right in front of you

Stay on track in your work
The MotivAider is a great (and silent) business partner. It can help you become more assertive, be a better manager, or improve the way you relate to customers or co-workers.

It can keep you in touch with important aspects of your work that get neglected simply because there are no natural reminders ‘out there’ to call your attention to them. The MotivAider can tune you in to new opportunities for increased effectiveness, growth, success and personal satisfaction.

For example, an author who used the MotivAider to keep on writing despite a productivity-strangling urge to keep revising said: “I’m impressed! With the MotivAider to remind me to ‘keep on rolling’, I’ve been far more productive than ever before.”

By the way, the MotivAider doesn’t just help you change what you can do. It can also help you improve how you think, what you feel, and how you look at things.

Improve your sports performance
Do you want to be a better golfer or skier? the MotivAider helps you master new skills by serving as a ‘clamp’ to hold a new action in place until the ‘glue’ of experience dries and the new action becomes a habit.

Knowing that you should keep your head down would finally mean keeping it down. Knowing you should keep your knees bent would actually mean keeping them bent.

With the MotivAider you can’t forget. And once you master one aspect of your performance, you can move along to another one.

Richard Cormier Jr, golf pro for the Paradise Golf Schools in Florida, says: “I have used the MotivAider with beginners and touring pros alike, and have found it an ingeniously simple and remarkably effective tool for learning new skills – both on the course and off. Thanks to the MotivAider, my students will be able to take their pro home with them.”

Ros Fairbank, a professional tennis player, said the device helped improve her backhand. Her problem was failing to get her racquet back early enough and to “hit over the ball”. She set the MotivAider at three-minute intervals and wore it during practice. When it vibrated, she said to herself: “Early preparation!”, and that’s what she focused on.

“I wouldn’t say it made me win a match”, she said, “but it developed my backhand and my confidence in my backhand.” She also did mental rehearsal: every 45 minutes she visualized serving, handling a service return or passing shot, or playing at the baseline. “I’d really emphasis feeling the ball and feeling my movement visually, “she said. Her game improved, and that year Ros got into the quarter finals at Wimbledon.

Whatever your goals, the MotivAider will lavish them with the attention they need to consistently play a vital role in your life.

motivaider packThe MotivAider System: it keeps your mind set on self-improvementUse your MotivAider to:

  • Unlearn old habits
  • Improve performance
  • Reinforce affirmations
  • Learn new habits
  • Change thought patterns the MotivAider is used by:
  • Procrastinators to take action
  • Athletes to improve form
  • Sports people to master new skills
  • Workers to avoid injuries
  • Children to unlearn habits
  • Anyone to change in any way!

motivaider manThere’s 100s of ways the MotivAider is being used…

You may want to tick the applications that interest you – all these are taken from completed warranty cards:

At work

  • stay focused at meetings
  • catch others doing things right and praise them
  • adopt a learning or quality improvement mindset
  • by salespersons to get motivated to make cold calls; to stay motivated after a “no”
  • by announcers to breathe properly, use correct posture and intonation
  • monitor work activities and refocus on the most important tasks
  • putting first things first
  • carry over learning from seminars and workshops
  • promote creative thinking and problem solving
  • use the PhotoReading whole mind system
  • take periodic relaxation breaks
  • learn a new language
  • improve verbal presentation skills
  • remember an important appointment or task
  • limit the length of phone calls
  • read more
  • be a better team player

At play

  • improve a golf swing
  • improve a tennis backhand
  • improve concentration during athletic competition
  • use proper breathing when singing

Improving health and fitness

  • facilitate healing by refraining from using an injured body part
  • use mental imagery to promote healing/recovery
  • experience the good feelings from self hypnosis CDs throughout the day
  • as a general-purpose alarm for deaf and/or blind persons
  • drink water
  • by diabetics to eat on schedule
  • adopt a constructive attitude
  • practice pain reduction methods
  • reduce teeth grinding
  • follow through on prescribed self-care
  • stick with a fitness program
  • stick with a diet
  • eat slowly
  • become a non-smoker
  • improve posture and keep back straight
  • practice vision-improvement exercises
  • use proper bending and lifting techniques to prevent back injury
  • drive defensively
  • perform relaxation exercises before and during childbirth

Reducing stress, eliminating unwanted habits, and boosting self-esteem

  • reduce public speaking anxiety
  • breathe deeply
  • combat negativity
  • stop swearing
  • quit nail biting
  • promote restful sleep
  • stay calm during tests
  • think of accomplishments and positive attitudes
  • maintain a desired attitude
  • try out new outlooks on life
  • make specific self-affirmations regularly
  • stay attuned to personal priorities

Improving your personal image and increasing interpersonal effectiveness

  • act friendlier and smile more
  • make frequent eye contact
  • be a better listener
  • avoid getting into unnecessary arguments
  • eliminate unwanted mannerisms
  • create new image-enhancing mannerisms
  • look for opportunities to praise children
  • act more assertively
  • try out new interpersonal behaviours

Personal and spiritual growth

  • enhance creativity
  • remain in the present
  • carry out mindfulness training
  • practice meditation
  • listen to self-hypnosis CDs
  • expand awareness
  • anchor positive emotions
  • induce lucid dreams
  • focus on a spiritual belief or experience
  • think about God regularly

For teachers

  • use language patterns optimal for learning
  • use praise instead of yelling
  • teach without stress
  • effectively monitor students’ behaviour
  • pay attention to an easily overlooked student

For children

  • keep attention from wandering
  • prevent bladder and bowel accidents
  • interact more effectively with other kids
  • correct speech problems
  • carry out assignments
  • improve self-esteem by remembering accomplishments and abilities
  • access the accelerated learning state
  • eliminate bad habits such as thumb-sucking and nail biting

What users have said…

Paul Scheele
“I first saw the MotivAider about three years ago and dismissed it. Recently Chris Payne at LifeTools recommended I give it a full trial. I’m now using my MotivAider every single day to remind me to keep in an optimal state for writing my new book and CD course called Natural Brilliance. I absolutely believe every one of our customers should have a MotivAider.”
– Paul Scheele, creator of Paraliminal CDs and the PhotoReading Whole Mind System.

Chris Hutch“The MotivAider is, in fact, one of the most powerful tools for boosting brain power and performance that I’ve encountered… extremely valuable [For ‘anchoring’ a new behaviour] in terms of convenience and effectiveness, the MotivAider is the best thing I’ve found for the purpose.”- Michael Hutchison, author of Megabrain, Megabrain Power and the Book of Floating. (pictured with me, Chris Payne, on the right). “What it does is simple. What it accomplishes is amazing! Virtually all patients expressed enthusiasm for it. We now consider it an indispensable part of our treatment program!” – Dr Martin Schwartz, director of the National Centre for Stuttering, New York University Medical Centre and author of Stutter No More.

“My son is nine, and he’s always had a problem with distractability, so we decided to try the MotivAider. We saw a distinct improvement after several weeks. His teacher was quite impressed, and he showed an abrupt and dramatic improvement in his grades, traceable to the time he began wearing the MotivAider.” – Mary McEnelly, parent, registered nurse and behavioural therapist.

“I can say with no reservations, the MotivAider is the most unique and useful behavioural change instrument I have encountered in 25 years of training experience.” – Ray Mulry, PhD.

“The MotivAider has been very successful in reducing tooth grinding and other parafunctional oral habits.” – Keith Reid, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.

“I have found the MotivAider helpful in improving patient motivation and compliance in treatment of parafunctional habits, which is a necessary component of improving pain disorders. I would recommend it for habit control for a variety of behavioural medicine disorders.”
– Dr Mark Weisberg, clinical psychologist consultant, Minnesota Head and Pain Clinic.

“I try to re-centre myself when I start to feel stressed at work, but I often forget to do my 30-seconds meditation when I need to do it most. Now I’ve got the MotivAider I set it to signal me every 30 minutes. When it goes off I focus on a spot on the carpet, listen very carefully to distant sounds, work out how I feel, sense the taste in my mouth and smell the air all in just a few seconds. After just two days I really started to notice the difference. I feel more centred and focused at work. It’s a great tool!”- Mike Ellis, graphic designer, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

“I’m a post graduate full-time student studying for an MA in Political theory at Essex University,” writes Kathryn Bryant. “I received the MotivAider the day I started my revision and set it at 10-minute intervals to reinforce ‘relax and concentrate’. It really worked. I know this to be so because one day I forgot to put it on and by the afternoon I was getting really tense inside and feeling overwhelmed. “Yet after putting it back on for a while I began to calm down. Also, if I’d stopped for a break and got involved in a conversation with someone and felt it vibrate, it reminded me to get back to work. Kathryn intends to use the MotivAider to stop smoking this summer.

Stop and appreciate the present moment
Wise men and women throughout the ages have advocated letting go of the past and future, and getting into the present. Christian traditions recommend prayer, whereas Eastern religions lean towards meditation.

I’ve gained great benefit from using the MotivAider to get into the present moment. I’d set it to go off every half an hour, then I’d take a few long breaths, let my shoulders drop, tighten and loosen my major muscle groups and look around the room I was in, thinking “Be here now”. It was amazing to notice that colours became more vibrant, I seemed to be seeing more and I’d notice light reflecting off shrink-wrapped CDs, which I’d never noticed while in the normal trance state that we call wakefulness. And time seemed to slow down too.

What makes the MotivAider so wonderful?

  • It’s incredibly easy to set up each morning – because the MotivAider remembers the last time interval I set, say 15 minutes, I just flick the On switch. 15 minutes later (usually as I’m driving my car to work) I get the first vibration, come into the present moment and concentrate closer on my driving.
  • Because it’s so easy to use I go for weeks wearing it every day, including weekends.
  • the MotivAider is completely silent, so no-one will ever know you are getting a regular reminder – unlike the beeping of a watch alarm.
  • it’s just 2.5 inches square – so it fits easily into a pocket, or sits comfortably on your belt. Hardly anyone has ever noticed that I was wearing mine. It can also be worn ‘invisibly’ by wearing it face-in between waistband and body.
  • the belt clip is extra-long – which is why the MotivAider has never fallen off my belt – ever.
  • it weighs just over two ounces – so you don’t notice it’s there until it prompts you to take action.
  • it’s scratch resistant – mine looks as good as new after three years of frequent use.
  • the AAA battery (included) lasts for ages – I think I’ve only changed mine once in those three years, which amazes me.
  • you can adjust the intensity of the vibration – but I’ve never bothered: two seconds is just right for me.
  • you get a one-year warranty – though I think the device is pretty much indestructible.

What you get when you order:

  • the MotivAider itself, complete with beltclip and standard AAA battery, so it’s ready to use right away.
  • explanatory CD giving you full background to the device, some excellent advice on best use – and it’s very motivating too.
  • 100-page Personal Achievement Guide co-authored by psychiatrist Dr Ronald Young. It’s filled with specific, detailed examples of how you can best use the MotivAider to make changes in any area of your life.
  • black plastic storage box keeps all the above together for easy access

Try the MotivAider yourself by ordering today
I hope that all the information and testimonials have convinced you to order a MotivAider today. You also get a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have plenty of time to put the unit through its paces and prove that the device really is making a difference in your life.

Only by actually trying the device will you appreciate why Mike Hutchison, Paul Scheele and I are so enthusiastic about this innocent-looking device. You have nothing to lose.

I’ll leave the last words to Paul Scheele at Learning Strategies:
“Tell your customers not to do what Pete and I did. The MotivAider’s designer Dr Steve Levinson visited us a couple of years ago to see if we were interested in the MotivAider. For some reason we didn’t see the value. We are wishing we’d tried it out back then because it is certainly benefiting our lives right now.”

Click here right now to order.

Warmest regards,

(testimoney written by Chris)

P.S. Do give the MotivAider a try – you’ll be as amazed as I am by the difference it makes.