Memory Optimizer

Dear friend,

I just had to write to you today before I explode.

Let me ask you this question.

“If you could have your mind “supercharged” so that it was as good as it possibly could be, would you have it done?”

My suspicion is that you would say “Yes!”.

You would, because there is so much to be gained from a mind that is working like magic. In fact there’s nothing to lose, you would be brighter, clearer, calmer more confident and happier than you are at present!

What would you choose to use your improved mind on?

Increasing your knowledge
Improving your memory
Study and learning
Improving skills
Remembering names and faces
Remember presentations, stories or even jokes
Never having to search for missing items again
Performing effectively under stress or duress
Combating the effects of aging or even Alzheimer’s

Well if you said Yes! to anything on the above list, I have some great news for you, all of these capabilities are taught in the Memory Optimizer home study course. However there is much more to the course then this mere list.

If your interest in learning stems from being a student, needing to update your knowledge or skills for work, if you are a student of life itself or a self-improvement enthusiast, this course will revolutionise the way you think, function and perform!

You will learn to optimise your memory, manage your brain and mind in a way that brings you the results that you seek.

Learn or become what your heart desires; easily!

It really doesn’t matter what it is that you want to know or do. With the information and exercises contained within the course I believe you can learn or become anything within your physical limits. I am not going to insult your intelligence by saying something like you can play elite sport at the top level, if you are 20 years older than people competing at that level.

However, if the difference between you achieving your goal or not is a matter of…

Improving your knowledge,
Remembering information facts or intricate details or
Developing or improving a skill

You will find the Memory Optimizer to be dynamite. Not only does it give you the skills to achieve your desires it also explodes many outdated and false beliefs about memory such as “That you have a bad memory!”

You will understand why there’s no such thing as a bad memory; then you will learn how to use yours to its fullest potential!

The Memory Optimizer contains a new generation of Memory Training Techniques. these techniques have emerged from startling new facts that have be learned about how the brain works so this course is literally out of the laboratories of Neural Cognitive Science and into your hands!

The course is the work of Learning Strategies and Vera Birkenbihl a memory expert from Germany. Vera has been studying and teaching about the brain, mind and memory for over 30 years. She has taught over 300,000 students and her books have sold over 2 million copies! Because Vera is constantly involved in research into the brain what she teaches is always up to date and relevant.

How it works:

The Memory Optimizer Course teaches you how to understand, enhance, train and maintain your brain. It does this by teaching you about 4 areas of brain function and application.

Your Whole Mind

Develop your mind; think like a genius.
Make your subconscious more accessible; remember anything with ease.
Create a great mental filing system – for fact, figures, stories, names speeches etc.

Your Knowledge Base

Increase your general knowledge; without using one minute of your precious time.
Increase specific knowledge of a interest or skill; great for work, study or pleasure.
Improve your retrieval of information; fabulous for exams, work and pressure situations.

Your Skills Base & Performance

Acquire new skills; even physical skills such as playing music or sports.
Train for performance; fabulous for presentations, demonstrations, music and sport.
Enhance performance; become even better than you thought possible – at any subject.

Mind Sharpening & Maintenance

Perform “mental hygiene”; repair or protect your most precious asset; your mind.
Counteract the effects of aging and Alzheimer’s disease; a great concern for many. These areas are taught independently and as a whole in a very easy to understand format. Vera works with a student “Mike” all the way through the course. I found this to be a great way to learn because Mike asks all the “dumb questions” that I wanted to ask while Vera was teaching. (By the way you will learn in the course that there are no dumb questions!)

The exercises are practical and fun and, best of all, because this is a home study course you are in charge of the pace. I listened to some of the CDs more than once because I really wanted to get what Vera was talking about. Not something I could have done if I had paid $1000’s to see her speak live!

So let me tell you what you get in this course:

10 high quality audio CDs.

Paul Scheele gives a great overview of the programme and outlines the many benefits that you will receive as a result of using the course. then Vera Birkenbihl begins her discussions with Mike. There are no formal lessons but a fascinating coaching dialogue where techniques are explored, used and discussed. I found this to be a fabulous, effective relaxed way to learn.

72 page Memory Optimizer Manual.

A great resource that runs along side of the course, but is more than a simple transcript of the audio sessions. The manual contains diagrams, descriptions and explanation of some of the latest work by the leading memory experts in the world today such as Lawrence Katz, Daniel Schacter, Win Wenger and James Loehr. There are also detailed notes on the 57 techniques (or tricks) that Vera teaches on the CDs. There is a whole section of the course devoted to combating the effects of aging, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The techniques here were a revelation to me, I have had personal experience of the tragedy caused by Alzheimer’s and I only wish I had known these techniques before that time.

Memory Optimizer ParaliminalBonus No1
the Memory Optimizer Paraliminal recording
Paul Scheele has created a brand new Paraliminal recording that will help you to build an everlasting, always performing memory. Paul worked with Vera for months in order to that he understood every aspect of her work so that he could create a recording that would guide your inner mind to success.

Memory Optimizer bonus CDBonus No2
Classical Harmonies CD
I have spoken many times about the use of classical music with accelerated Learning. This CD is based on the compelling research that Mozart’s music increases intelligence. It was specially designed to relax the body while increasing brain alertness.

Memory Optimizer bonus CD

Bonus No3
Paul Scheele Improved Strategies for PhotoReading Activation
If you are a PhotoReader this will be of great value to you. When working with Vera, Paul immediately saw how her memory techniques could integrate and enhance the activation stage of PhotoReading. So he wrote a special report that has now been included into the Memory Optimizer manual. This information is not available elsewhere; even in the 3rd edition of the PhotoReading Book.

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As always you have the security of our 60-day absolute satisfaction money back guarantee. If after trailing Memory Optimizer in your home for 60 days you are not absolutely thrilled with your progress simply return the course to us for a full refund. What’s more you can even keep the Free Bonus Classical Harmonies CD for your trouble!