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Live! Testing 3-16 June (incl) – Come On Board

  • Be one of the first people to look at the new Lucid Dreaming Mastery Experience; a blend of 3 products to create a new home based experience.
  • Get a £40 voucher code and test the 3 week Lucid Dreaming mind course out for free! You can use it time and time again, even after the testing.
  • Explore the pages, information, shopping pages and look at the new range of article titles – then give some great feedback to help us make it even better.
  • All of the testing is done behind a password controlled area, you get the full site but with total access and privacy.
  • Stay on board as a product tester, many new products coming out this year which you can test and get for free. Even if you don’t do anything with this (other than keep the £40 course), you can still stay subscribed and be informed when other new products are available for testing.
  • A special offer goes out to all testers – that is not made anywhere else after the testing period. Look out for it!

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