How to Make Money with LifeTools

There are 4 ways you can make money with LifeTools – starting today!

Way 1 – Social Media partner

Earn £200 to spend on products / services just for liking / sharing our posts! You don’t even have to sell a product, say you endorse a service or anything other – if you don’t want to.  It’s money for very little effort.

Agree to follow our social media accounts.

Agree to post/share our posts, tweets and updates.

Over 3 months to do at least weekly (we only say weekly as we understand your friends/family may not want to see your wall inundated with listings on a daily basis).

Followers of over 500 on your social media profiles (per profile).

After 3 months, claim £200 in vouchers to be used against a ‘select’ number of LifeTools goods / services.

After 3 months if you continue to support us then we will be happy to review matters after 6 months.

We won’t be tracking anyone, but would like to follow you back to both monitor shares and as a means of keeping in regular touch.

Way 2 – Social Media affiliate

If you have a social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc) and want to be an affiliate, sign up.

Promote LifeTools products on your account using the sales material we have on our site and earn upto £400 (maximum), average around £100, per affiliate sale.

If you sell 1 a month or 10 a month, you can earn a nice little extra spending money to easily £ hundreds a month. See the simple case study.

Case study

If you introduce 2 people a month to our standard business web-hosting (easily achieved), introduce 1 person to the Effort Free Life course a month, introduce 1 person to the PhotoReading course a month and 1 person to the Business Genius a month.   That is only 5 people a month – there are hundreds looking for solutions!  When commission month 1 starts, that is £348.95 a month, by month 12 for the same 5 sales each month you can be on £886.55 because 1 of the items is a membership and you earn extra as each month goes on!

Sign up to the Affiliate page, see T&C’s, get your unique affiliate link and then promote products, esp ones you can get excited about; people love enthusiasm.

Way 3 – General affiliate

This is the same as Social Media affiliate above, however, some people, instead of wanting to promote on Social Media will use other methods:

Banner advertising on free sites to help drive traffic.

Forum posts and feedback points (where applicable to the product).

Article submissions.

Blog news features or e-zines.

Product reviews to your own customers with a commission link.

Way 4 – Joint Venture

If you have a business and you feel there are compatible products and cross-overs.

If you want to introduce our products to your customers, and we promote ours to yours (not list rental as we won’t give email addresses away to any marketing company).

If you have a product in development and you want help bringing it to market for a profit share.

All of these are Joint Venture examples and we will be please to hear from you.

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