Paul Scheele explains how to get the most from Decisive Action

I have a suggestion about listening to this CD programme. the sessions are designed to provide a learning environment in which you can discover internal resources, and learn to use them for creating the success you desire.

the power of your intention, your commitment or internal resolve does much of the real work in accomplishing your goals.

the listening sessions become a catalyst for the changes that you will create within your life. This means that your conscious choice and active participation is essential. Whatever power, whatever wealth you want to bring into your life, comes from actively participating in the steps of this course.

You see, your mind is infinitely capable of helping you get what you want. You must simply give it the proper impetus to do so. Always tell your mind what you expect for results. For example I might want to take a nap while listening so I will say, “Okay mind, for the next 18 minutes while I listen to this CD, I’m going to fall into a deep and restful sleep.”

Then I’ll specify my goal by saying something like, “While in this rejuvenating state I will integrate this that and the other thing; I will develop thus and such; and when I awaken at the end of the session, I will feel totally refreshed and alert, and I’ll have great concentration and energy.”

And you know what? It works beautifully! It may be a passive listening session while the CD plays, at least as far as my conscious mind is concerned, but I actively set up the results by making my intention very clear at the front end of the session. That’s what I mean when I say you must participate in getting the results you desire.

Kind regards,

Paul Scheele

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