Business In A Box

Everything you need to start your own business, straight out of a ‘box’.  A single opening to a world of ideas, resources, support, tools and development aids. 

If you have no fixed idea to having an idea but not sure how to get it started.  Using practical business advise, marketing support, training products from other successful business leaders to places to source supplies and find customers.  All in one place.

This investment today can lead you to a world of self-employment or having your own business and building a career.  One investment can reap thousands in the future for you and those you want to bring on your journey.

Not everyone can afford a mentor.  Not everyone knows how to market.  Not everyone knows how to design and host their business.  Not everyone knows how to maintain and develop their business.  Not everyone has the chance of a ‘Business in a Box’.

12 months support from today | Help generate genius ideas | Help marketing | Your skills & dreams – our framework

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  • Want an on-line store

  • Earn money with no products

  • Physical store

  • Experience planning (wedding/days out)

  • Generate genius ideas

  • Precise step planning guide

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  • Affiliate marketing

  • Buy & sell on eBay/Amazon

  • Physical service based

  • Craft or hobby based

  • Keeping customers happy SATISFIED

  • Niche your way to extra profits

Some ideas of any or many of the schemes you can create using the Business In A Box

Even more powerful if you already have a skill, training, hobby, networking skills, craft ability or industry experience in the field you want….


Garage mechanic |  Cleaning services |  DIY – Gardening – Maintenance  |  Hair – Beauty – Nails  |  Therapy – Massage – Spa  |  Animal care – Grooming | and so much more…

Off-line with an one-line capacity

Accountancy – Legal  |  Shop based retain  |  Teaching & support  |  IT repairs & sales  |  Software – Writing – Art – Music – Sport  |  Hobby Craft creations |  and so much more…


Affiliate marketing  |  Commission marketing  |  On-line digital sales  |  On-line only physical sales  |  Forums & Advisory Sites  |  Membership schemes   | Buying groups  |  and so much more…