Alpha Stim – could help you sleep better at night

Clear your mind… improve concentration… reduce anxiety… lift depression… help you sleep…

All in 20 minutes with the Alpha-Stim!

And all you do is attach 2 ear clips and press 1 button!

Dear Friend

I am bursting to tell you about the most exciting new product we’ve ever launched.

The Alpha Stim is so good at getting you into a relaxed state with improved concentration in as little as 20 minutes that its been clinically proven to help with depression, anxiety and sleep problems.

Alpha Stim Ear Clip

Now it’s unlikely that you often feel anxious or depressed — but if Alpha-Stim technology can have a radical effect on chronic conditions, then you can imagine the effect it could have on you.

And all you have to do is attach the earclips to your earlobes and press the ON button!

Alpha Stim Ear Clips

I recently demonstrated the Alpha-Stim on an accountant colleague who popped into our offices to see me. Soon after I fitted the earclips and switched on, he said he felt a very gentle tingling in his earlobes. Then he said, “I feel a little light-headed; as if I’ve just been drinking half a glass of champagne – that mild sense of euphoria.” And that was within a couple of minutes of trying the device!

How can the Alpha-Stim help you?
Do you come home tired at the end of a working day and need a quick boost to feel revitalised for the evening? The Alpha-Stim can do that even while you’re moving around the house.

Do you need to concentrate more on your studies? You can get a clearer mind by using the Alpha-Stim for 20 minutes while you’re reading or writing.

Do you occasionally feel a little down or anxious about challenges that face you in your life? Scientific studies have shown that the Alpha-Stim could lift your mood in minutes.

The Alpha-Stim can really help you focus your attention on the task at hand. By reducing any anxiety you may feel, you may find yourself sleeping better at night, so the next day becomes less stressful and more fully appreciated.

104 scientific studies!
Yes, there have been 104 studies on the effectiveness of what’s called cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) – and many of them with the Alpha-Stim. Nearly all of them are overwhelmingly positive.

A total of 25 of these studies looked at the effect of the Alpha-Stim on insomnia, and 41 of them covered anxiety. There were also 5 on headaches, 9 on stress, and quite a few on alcohol and drug withdrawal.

Most of these studies have been ‘double-blind’. Blind studies are when the patient doesn’t know whether he’s getting treatment on a real Alpha-Stim or a fake one. In a double-blind study neither the patient or the researcher knows which Alpha-Stims are real and which are fake.

At the beginning of the study everyone is given a very detailed psychological test. Then, say, half the patients are treated with a real Alpha-Stim, and half with a fake unit. At the end of the study everyone is re-tested, then the tests are analysed. Those who used real Alpha-Stims were considerably improved – and the probability that this could have happened by chance is as low as one in 100 or one in 1,000!

For example, in one, Ray B Smith conducted a study on 23 people suffering with anxiety, depression or attention deficit disorder, and commented that the Alpha-Stim was: “Effective in significantly reducing depression, state and trait anxiety, and increasing the Verbal Performance, and Full Scale IQ scores on the WISC-R or WAIS-R IQ tests (standard psychology tests).”

The Alpha-Stim is so easy to use!
As I’m sitting here I’m connecting up the Alpha-Stim now: it takes seconds. At this very moment as I’m typing I can just about feel the tiniest tingling through my ears. My mind is clear, and it almost feels as if there’s just me, my hands and the keyboard – the outside world has receded. I can really notice my breathing rate which has now deepened, and I can feel my body relaxing

What’s so magical about the Alpha-Stim is that it is so effortless to use. One button press and that’s it. I don’t have to do anything. I don’t have to make anything happen. I just carry on with what I’m doing and the clever unit does its job.

Use it anywhere
The Alpha-Stim is so unobtrusive that you could use it on a bus or train with your eyes open while meditating or concentrating on your breathing.

You should arrive at your destination refreshed and revitalised.

Enthusiasm from experts in the peak performance field
Michael Hutchison, author of the best-selling books Mega Brain and Mega Brain Power, wrote about using the Alpha-Stim:

“The shift in consciousness was quick and unmistakable. I realised I was becoming extremely relaxed, and all of a sudden, there I was. It was that feeling you get when all at once you blink your eyes and realise that you’re awake. Not that you had literally been sleeping, but you hadn’t been paying attention to things as carefully as you might, you had been sleepwalking through your day, and now you’re awake and things are very clear.

“It was not a feeling of being in some strange stoned or otherworldly state, but rather a feeling of being exactly as you should be, at home in yourself, a feeling that your brain was operating correctly, efficiently, clearly.

“It was no big thing. Nothing special, really, except I couldn’t help but feel that this is the way we’re supposed to be all the time.

“I was intensely aware of everything that was going on around me, and simultaneously intensely aware of everything going on inside my head. My body was no longer heavy, but very light, full of energy. The feeling was one of openness, clarity, as though I had been wearing sunglasses for weeks and had suddenly taken them off.” (from pages 125 and 126 of the Mega Brain book)

Dr Charles Stroebel, developer of the CAP Scan for reading brainwaves, is also very enthusiastic: “I use the CES mode of the Alpha-Stim while monitoring the subject’s brainwave patterns, and found it quickly normalises their brainwave activity. The effects have been very dramatic.”

And CES has also been used by Dr Margaret Patterson here in the UK to help treat rock stars such as Peter Townsend of The Who and Eric Clapton for drug addiction.

“I slept straight through”
The Daily Mail, a major national newspaper here in the UK, filled most of a page with a story entitled “Could this device beat insomnia?”. The journalist asked osteopath Emmanuel Sammut to try out the Alpha-Stim as he had been having trouble sleeping: “I find that my mind is full of ‘clutter’. I’m fine when I got to bed – usually I am physically shattered, and I fall asleep quickly.

“But then I wake up through the night. At one, two, three o’clock my mind is racing with all the things I have to do. By 4.15am I have usually had enough and I get up for the day.

“It leaves me exhausted. It bothers my wife, Nicky, too. No matter how quiet I am, I disturb her sleep when I wake up.

“The first time I used the Alpha-Stim I put it on a medium setting. It made me feel quite dizzy, which took me by surprise. then I reduced it to level two, so I was barely aware of it, and found it so relaxing I started dozing off.

“After a 20-minute session it switches itself off, although you can extend the time to an hour if you need to. I tried the Alpha-Stim for a couple of days, using it once in the morning and once in the early evening. Both nights I slept from 11pm straight through until my alarm woke me at 5.45am.

“This hasn’t happened in more than a year. I would not have believed this machine could make that big a difference. I would definitely be interested in trying it for longer because, during the limited trial I had, I felt great!”

Even more great feedback…

“A sense of complete release & relaxation” – Mr M Horton, London

“Quick acting, and I can use it anywhere. I’m being hounded by everyone in the call centre where I work – they all want to try it out! And those who’ve tried it love it!” – Mr D Sibley, Staffs

“What I love about the Alpha-Stim is that it’s so simple to use – and I do feel more relaxed” – Mr S Ferguson, Fife

“The Alpha-Stim does what it promises. Best experience: restful sleep”- Mr T Neumann, London

The Alpha-Stim could help you learn faster too

Dr Daniel Kirsch, inventor of the Alpha-Stim, worked with researcher Richard Madden to see if the Alpha-Stim could really help improve learning performance. They used 78 subjects in a double blind study and had them all do typing exercises in a computer program. The group receiving the CES learned more, and more quickly, than the control group.

Alpha Stim Ear Clips

How the Alpha-Stim works
The Alpha-Stim works by using tiny electrical currents through your earlobes. If you are technically minded, what I can tell you is that the Alpha-Stim is what’s called a Class IIa, Type B medical device. It uses 2 waveforms to generate a bi-polar waveform of 0.5 pulses per second (Hz) at 10 to 500 millionths of an ampere. But you don’t need to know this to get fantastic results!

I was fascinated to discover recently that both Aristotle and Plato refer to the Black Torpedo electric ray fish that was prescribed by a physician called Scribonius Largus as long ago as 46 A.D. for relieving a variety of medical conditions from headaches to gout. Electro-medicine has a long history!

The Alpha-Stim is not suitable for pregnant women, or anyone using a pacemaker. Other than that you can be certain that CES is perfectly safe to use. Out of 4,848 who’ve used CES in scientific studies, only 22 have had any reactions like headaches or skin irritation.

2 incredible models to choose from
There are 2 different versions of the Alpha-Stim:

  • The Alpha-Stim 100 – which treats pain via probes and does CES via earclips, and
  • The brand new Alpha-Stim SCS – which does CES only.

What you get
The Alpha-Stim SCS is packaged complete with…

  • compact Alpha-Stim SCS console unit
  • one set of ear clip electrodes
  • 200 adhesive felt pads to affix to the ear clips
  • 15ml bottle of Alpha Conducting Solution for moistening the ear clips
  • 9-volt battery (good for about 100 treatments)
  • convenient leather carrying case which holds SCS, ear clips and solution, and can be worn on a belt
  • illustrated owner’s manual
  • Five-year warranty (except for battery and accessories)

What you get

The Alpha-Stim 100 is packaged complete with:

  • one set of 4 self-adhesive AS-Trode brand silver electrode pads, good for approximately 2 weeks to 1 month of use. (these are used for giving 20-60 minutes of stimulation.)
  • 2 probes to give 10-second bursts of stimulation around the area of the pain
  • electrode wires to connect the pads or probes to the Alpha-Stim
  • ear clip electrodes for cranial electrotherapy stimulation
  • 200 small circular pieces of adhesive felt for sticking on the ends of the probes and ear clips
  • a 15 ml bottle of Alpha Conducting Solution (Put a couple of drops on each pad before use.)
  • a 9-volt battery which should provide 1 to 3 months of treatments
  • sturdy plastic carrying case
  • an illustrated Owner’s Manual with colour charts to show how to place the probes for best results
  • Five-year warranty (except for battery and accessories)

This is everything you need to begin using the Alpha-Stim 100 right away.

With the Alpha-Stim 100 you position pen-like probes around the area of any pain or tension, deliver 10-second bursts of microcurrent, then keep moving the probes around for another 2 minutes. Relief can be immediate.

One user, Carol Cagan, a lawyer for Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation wrote: “I have been troubled by chronic tension in the muscles of my neck and shoulders. The 2 weeks since I obtained my Alpha-Stim have been the first pain-free weeks I have experienced in almost a year.” And regarding the CES function: “I immediately noticed a reduction in stress levels and increased energy.”

The original Alpha-Stim device cost nearly US$6,000 when it was first introduced a couple of decades ago. Thankfully using mass production techniques and microprocessors, tens of thousands of people around the world have been paying far less for the Alpha-Stim 100.

Whether you want to use the Alpha-Stim to sharpen your mind, increase concentration, help you sleep better or reduce feelings of anxiety about personal, work or study issue, or contact our customer services HERE.

Warmest regards,


P.S. The Alpha-Stim really is quite extraordinary, so I encourage you to try it for yourself and see how quickly it calms your mind and gives it a sharp focus so you can concentrate more clearly.

P.P.S. Here are even more great stories…

My memory retention is better and my head is clearer
Professional violinist Roger Foxwell, based in Cheadle, Stockport, England, told us how the Alpha-Stim has helped him with his performances.
“I have been using the Alpha-Stim for over three weeks and although I was fairly sceptical about the claims that were made I decided that, since I was under no obligation, I thought it would be well worth a try if only to help my erratic sleep patterns.
“You are definitely not going to get the Alpha-Stim back! Although I am not sleeping for longer periods I noticed an immediate improvement in the quality of my sleep, a more rested feeling on waking, and I feel more relaxed in the day.
“As a violinist I now feel more focused and far less stressed during even the most demanding performances. I think the Alpha-Stim has aided my concentration, and it gives me greatly enhanced practice and performance sessions. I also feel my memory retention is better and I have a clear headedness that I didn’t experience before.”

Alpha-Stim produces “blissful feeling” says TV news reporter
London News Network ran a story on the Alpha-Stim SCS during a TV programme — with amazing results!
“Stressed at work? Suffering from sleeplessness at home? Forget the pills and hot baths… there’s a little machine that’s been developed that claims to make you feel better”, said the TV feature.
The news item featured LifeTools’ managing director, Chris Payne, and two students at a London College who briefly tried the Alpha-Stim.
Nicola Meechin said the effect was “pretty positive” and Keiron Chhabra said: “It feels very relaxing. It’s got a nice, calming influence. I’ve been dashing around all afternoon, so it’s quite nice to feel the soothing effect.”
The TV reporter, still sceptical, decided to try the unit for herself.
She went along with the cameras to King’s College Hospital in London where she was hooked up to a computer to monitor her brain activity while she used the Alpha-Stim.
“I was very relaxed anyway, but when I put the Alpha-Stim on it was a different blissful feeling. I felt very relaxed, but did feel alert — able to concentrate on everything going on in the room. the professor agreed with me.”
“Yes”, said Professor Colin Binnie, “that would correspond with the EEG (encephalogram) appearance. there seemed to be a biological effect.”
Concluded the reporter: “In other words, it works, but he’s not sure why.”

“It’s speeding up what’s happening naturally”
Mr Guest from Cumbria contacted LifeTools recently and told us his amazing results with the Alpha-Stim SCS:
“I had a cerebral haemorrhage about a year ago now and, as a result, I lost my eyesight and became blind. It really was devastating at the time.
“It took quite some time before my sight started to return, but gradually it did start to come back. It was a long, slow process.
“Now, more than a year after it happened, my eyesight has come back almost completely, but I still experience difficulty in the comprehension of what I am seeing I can see what I am looking at but can’t clearly identify what it is.
“I decided to try the Alpha-Stim SCS after seeing it advertised and was amazed when I started using it. It seemed to really speed up my recovery at what seemed like twice the speed.
“Now, I’ve been using the Alpha-Stim SCS every day for 20 minutes since December 1998 and it has really helped me.
“It seems to be stimulating the optic nerve and is creating new channels in my brain. I think it’s really helping to speed up what’s happening naturally. It’s definitely doing something because my comprehension is really improving in leaps and bounds.”
NB: these results are anecdotal, and no medical claims are expressed or implied.

Alpha-Stim improves sleep patterns for Sky TV presenter
Patricia Ford from Twickenham works as a presenter for Sky TV. We recently loaned her an Alpha-Stim SCS for a TV feature that she was considering. What appealed to Patricia was that all she had to do was attach two ear clips and then carry on as normal for 20 minutes while the device did its work. Here’s what she had to say about it…
“Life has been very stressful recently and I found that using the Alpha-Stim was an excellent way of reducing my stress level. Although my sleep pattern has improved using the Alpha-Stim, I still feel that I have some way to go with it. However, it has helped me cope with the pressures of everyday life and to be able to ‘stand away’ from problems, which would normally make me feel very low. The AlphaStim SCS has really helped reduce my stress levels for the last few weeks.”

This astonishing device can help you calm your mind in seconds – by teaching your brain how to do it unaided!

As you may know the Alpha Stim SCS is now replaced with the Alpha Stim AID and the Alpha Stim 100 is replaced with the Alpha Stim M, both sleeker models of the original.  If you want the Alpha Stim, then read up on the new updated features by clicking the model, or contact us to order one.