As you can gather by the momentous number of messages and updates you get from us here at LifeTools, we don’t do the big sales push – or Black Friday!! 

However at LifeTools we are busy getting ready for TWO major launches in 2019 that can affect you.

1.  We are launching a new range of coaching products coming up with a coaching support element and workbook and goals documents.  Each subscriber to our email list, each customers will get a 75% discount voucher straight away – as a thank-you!  All visitors to out blog need to sign up to get this discount voucher.

2.  To clear out existing stock (and promote our LifeTools Digital Website Hosting, Design & Marketing business) we are giving away £5,000 worth of stock over a 3 month period, with a weekly prize each week!  I will contact you in due course should you wish to enter 🙂  Again blog readers need to sign up to get notice of when this starts (top give away prize is worth £1000).

We will be giving away physical stock, services, downloads and website hosting & marketing packages (especially good for anyone with a new business idea)!  There are only 3 items excluded and that will be the PhotoReading, MindLab Light and Sound machines and ThoughtStream.

In the meantime, please find your discount, it can be used once at any time on any purchase value.

[20%_2018_Sale] – code

Your 20% code – expires 31/12/2018 – put the code (not brackets) in the checkout!